Our Story

The Practice Journal

Welcome to The Practice Journal!

We started this project to create a movement toward healthier and more positive practice habits!

Millions of aspiring musicians are not reaching their potential because they waste thousands of hours doing the wrong type of practice. As musicians who have spent the majority of our lives practicing, we understand just how hard practice can feel sometimes. During our years of studying at music university, we were really saddened to see many of our dear friends give up or burn out.

Progress often seems slow or nonexistent, and it's easy to stop believing in yourself. Outliers such as W. A. Mozart make it easy for people to dismiss themselves from practicing because of the lack of 'talent' they believe they have. And so…the excuses pile on!


"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." –Albert Einstein

Throughout our 18 years of practicing, we have been intrigued by the progress we made and the methods that were taught. However, the question we have always been asking ourselves is, why are there people out there achieving the same level of playing that we have after 18 years but in less than half the time...?

"Do they have better teachers?"
"Are they more talented?" 
"Do they practice more?"

And so the research began. Over the last 365 days, we committed ourselves to deciphering why some musicians improve shockingly fast.

While the questions we asked are all reasonable—and indeed responsible questions to ask yourself to produce better results—some are just simply not affordable or accessible.

So then, maybe our question should be, “How do they practice?”

The Practice Journal was developed to help musicians approach practice strategically and keep track of their progress. Psychologists have proven that when a task or memory is written down, we retain 75–85% of it. The journal was designed to encourage students to become goal-oriented and reflective about their practice so that they can improve more efficiently.

We hope to see music students around the world avoid our mistakes and save many precious years of their lives. It is our belief that through this journal people can be more empowered to reach their true personal potentials while ensuring that their passion for music only grows stronger!