Enabling musicians to become independent, confident, and successful practicers.

Do you ever get 'stuck' in your practice, feeling like you're just not getting anywhere? Or maybe progress just feels so slow and you're losing motivation? We wrote this Journal so that you won't have to go at it alone. Whether you have a teacher or not, success as a musician is determined by the quality of your own personal practice.

Quality Over Quantity
The Practice Journal begins with a research-based introduction on the psychology and methods behind effective practicing. It includes both quick tips as well as more in-depth training. Learn how to achieve twice the results in half the time.
Simple and Practical

5 minutes of journalling to 10x your results.

Makes Practice Enjoyable
Be creative, be your own teacher,
& create positive habits.


“…it truly has revolutionized the way I practice.”
Join the community of musicians from all over the world who have committed themselves to healthier and more efficient practice.
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Exclusive Articles from Renowned Soloists and Pedagogues

The journal includes articles about practice written specifically for the journal, by world-class performers and teachers such as Ray Chen, James Ehnes, Kian Soltani, David Fung and Robin Wilson. Learn the secrets to practicing like a pro, from the pros themselves!

The Practice Journal

The Practice Journal

The Practice Journal will change the way you practice. Based on extensive research, the journal is designed to help you practice smarter and more efficiently. Included are contributions by world-class soloists and pedagogues, so you can practice like the very best. Side effects may include: faster progress, less stress, time saved and more confidence!

You will also gain membership into a VIP group with exclusive content & contacts, where our community of musicians will personally respond to your questions!

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